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Advice to Future Implant Patients

"It was much easier and lower in cost than I expected." - Steve R.  

"The procedure is so easy, does not hurt and you have a tooth at the end of the process." - Rita O.

"I thought that I was out of options before Dr. Kao told me that I was a candidate for implants. He was able to restore lost bone in my jaw and provide a more permanent solution for me." - Hope S.

Deciding Factor in Getting Implants

"My desire to eat comfortably and to enhance my appearance." - Steve G.

"The implant is more like my original tooth. The option of having a bridge meant grinding and capping my teeth next to the pulled tooth." - Steve R.

"I was unable to eat many foods -- until my implants. . .  I hated having to remove my partial denture at night; I would be without front teeth during the entire night. Now I wake up in the night and admire my 'teeth'. The implants look wonderful and feel like my own teeth." - Nora C.

Discomfort During and After the Procedure

"I was amazed that I felt absolutely no pain the entire time." - Jo R.

"Never had ANY discomfort!" - Don J.

"The discomfort is minimal. The actual procedure is fast and painless. There's more discomfort in getting my teeth cleaned than getting the implant." - Phil V.

Cost of Implant Treatment

"The extra cost is more than made up by having a replacement tooth that lasts longer and is more like an actual tooth." - Steve R.

"This is a lifetime investment. You cannot put a price tag on the increased level of comfort and confidence that you have with dental implants." - Hope S.

"Dental health and esthetics are very important to our well being, so yes, it is worth the cost." - Jack S.

Dr. Kao as Their Implant Specialist

"He is definitely the best in his field." - Joseph M.

"I have great confidence in Dr. Kao, and would highly recommend him to anyone considering implant surgery -- or other periodontal surgery. He is an excellent surgeon and his support staff is wonderful! I am a nervous dental patient and they have been very supportive and helpful to me." - Nora C.

"Dr. Kao and his staff are absolute professionals. Dr. Kao was very thorough in explaining the process and making sure that I was comfortable both physically and mentally throughout the process. His staff went out of their way to make my experience most satisfying. - Hope S.

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